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Our Infant Room fills us very quickly, our wait list can run up to a year in advance. If you are looking to enroll your baby or are expecting please stop by or schedule a tour.

Infant Room (6 weeks – 12 months)


Our infant room is a place where our babies receive loving, hands on care throughout the day. We strive to help our babies reach their developmental milestones including rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, and walking. The classroom provides a warm, nurturing environment where each child is special and encouraged to explore and develop new skills at their own pace.


  • Our room arrangements satisfy individual needs by allowing space for eating, sleeping, and play, and equipped with age appropriate furniture, books, and toys.


  • Our schedule allows flexibility to meet each child’s individual needs as well as leaving room for planned activities.


  • Our teachers are well trained to meet each baby’s different needs, including annual training in the prevention of SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome, CPR and First Aid.


  • Your baby will receive the individual attention they need through talking, singing, playing holding and cuddling, and will be comforted when upset.


  • During the day babies will be able to explore outside of their crib to crawl, walk, play, and to have tummy time, as well as several activities throughout the day including singing, story time, bubbles, music, and finger painting.


  • Frequent communication between caregiver and parents, with daily reports on feedings, diapering and napping.

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