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Pre-K (3 years – 5 years)


Our Pre-K program is designed to promote kindergarten readiness by utilizing a daily routine. Children are provided with a structured learning experience which encourages each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, language, and physical development.

  • Our Pre-K students learn through weekly themes which incorporate, pre-reading and writing skills, basic math concepts, and science skills.


  • Students have opportunities throughout the day to engage in age-appropriate activities including, puzzles, play dough, legos, blocks, busy beads, sensory play, dramatic play, arts and crafts, story time and Bible story time, singing and movement, gym time and outside play, show and tell, circle time, and theme based discussions.


  • Social Development, children practice how to play and interact with each other using problem solving skills, showing respect to each other, using manners and demonstrating self control.


  • Self help skills, cleaning up after themselves and returning toys and supplies back to their designated areas, hand washing, toileting, and eating independently.


  • Field Trips are scheduled throughout the school year to The San Antonio Zoo, The Doseum, The Wittie Museum, City Parks, The Botanical Gardens, Devine Acres Pumpkin Patch and Morgan’s Wonderland.


  • After successfully completing our program students participate in a graduation ceremony.

Please note that each child entering our Pre-K 3 Program must be fully toilet trained, be able to use good hygiene and BE IN underwear, be capable of feeding himself/herself, and be able to communicate verbally.

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